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1 the band that is the part of a bridle that fits around a horse's head [syn: headstall]
2 a protective helmet for the head

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  1. The head; the brain.
  2. Something covering the head.
  3. Protecting cover for the head; a helmet.
  4. A headset.
  5. A headstall.
  6. A decorative page heading.
  7. The top piece or part of various things.


head, brain
  • Finnish: pää
something covering the head
  • Finnish: päähine
  • Finnish: kypärä
  • French: le dessus de la tete
  • German: der Nackenriemen
  • Finnish: kuulokkeet
  • Finnish: päitset
decorative page heading


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Headpiece can refer to:
  • A typically thin metallic crown, headband, or tiara worn around the forehead. Commonly worn by ancient rulers, such as Cleopatra, headpieces usually carry some emblem of religious or political significance.
  • A beaded or woven meshwork, often fringed, and worn covering the hair.
  • The part of a dance or theatrical costume that is worn on the head.

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